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Budd Wilkins is a writer, film critic and instructor. He is a Staff Critic for Slant Magazine, and his work has also appeared in the Nordic Issue of Acidemic Journal of Film and Media. He is currently writing a chapter for an anthology on international horror directors to be published by Intellect Press and distributed by University of Chicago Press. Mr. Wilkins was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. He attended Penn State for several years before moving to North Carolina in 1994, where he earned his Bachelor's in Religious Studies and a Master's in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Film Studies from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His primary focus is film history, film literacy and criticism, with the goal of bringing obscure, foreign and films that are labeled "difficult" to the attention of film aficionados of all kinds. Other interests and focus of critique include comparative religion, black humor, 19th century European literature, horror and graphic novels. Mr Wilkins lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife, Tina. Follow @buddwilkins on Twitter.

Golden Year: TRANS-EUROP-EXPRESS (Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1966)

Trans-Europ-Express owes its origins to two phenomenon: the recently inaugurated international rail line from which it takes its title—with its modernist design (described by Robbe-Grillet in the supplementary interview as travelling in “glass cages”)—and the sight of prostitutes advertising their … Continue reading

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Greensboro Filmmakers Win Trip to Cannes Film Festival to Make a Film

Congratulations to local filmmaker Darren Hummel and The Magic Shop! Not only are they going to Cannes this month with their hilarious, Greensboro 48HFP-winning short “Gotta Go,” they’re also competing in the “Wake Up in Cannes” contest sponsored by HP. … Continue reading

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Golden Year: TOKYO DRIFTER (Seijun Suzuki, 5/10/1966)

Over the course of his career at the Nikkatsu studio, brazen B-movie maverick Seijun Suzuki perfected the art of subversion from within, eradicating any vestige of predictability from his freewheeling forays into genre experimentalism. With Tokyo Drifter, studio heads handed … Continue reading

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Golden Year: DJANGO (Sergio Corbucci, 4/6/1966)

Caked in mud and spattered with blood, Sergio Corbucci’s classic spaghetti western, Django, noodles around with cinema of cruelty, surrealistic imagery, and proto-Peckinpahvian carnage—only without all those erupting squibs. Granted, the emblematic plotline, in which a mysterious stranger who pits … Continue reading

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Golden Year: SECONDS (John Frankenheimer, 10/5/1966)

In the hands of lesser craftsmen, Seconds might have made for a chillingly effective episode of The Twilight Zone padded out to feature length. But the perfect storm of creative talent – director John Frankenheimer, cinematographer James Wong Howe, composer … Continue reading

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Video Watchdog #182

Video Watchdog 182, shipping to subscribers mid-February and available in bookstores early March, contains several Blu-ray reviews from me, including George Barry’s mindblowing Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. Click here for more info – and a full-color, 18-page sneak … Continue reading

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Golden Year: OUR MAN FLINT (Daniel Mann, 1/16/1966)

Our Man Flint came out at the height of the pop cultural “spy craze” that followed in the wake of the Bond films’ phenomenal popularity. By 1966, an apparently endless proliferation of globetrotting and gadget-mongering secret agents seemed to dominate … Continue reading

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